Agarwood and Forestry

This carefully managed fund is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, as it invests in managed Agarwood plantations. It offers a unique investment opportunity with projected returns that far exceed bank and bond rates. Returns will not be correlated with equity, debt or property markets.

Agarwood is a resinous wood that can be found in the Aquilaria tree and grows in South and South East Asia. It is a fast growing archaic tropical forest tree which is highlight valued and well known as the, "Wood of the Gods". It is used to make Incense, for medicinal purposes, and pure resin in its distilled form is used as perfume and perfume components.

Currently demand far exceeds supply and as a result it is extremely valuable. Prices can reach thirty thousands dollars per kilogram for top quality oil and resinous wood.

Regardless of market instability, this fund has continued to have an outstanding performance, with returns of 15.78% Year-to-date and 21.01% since lanuch.

See below for summary of this fund:

  • No lock in period
  • Withdraw 10% p.a. penelty free
  • ROI - Returns targeted at 10-12% p.a.
  • US$ 25,000 min. investment
  • US$ 10,000 min top-up value
  • SIPP authoriserd.


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