Agarwood - The Virgen Forestry Extracts Fund

This fund has been designed to mitigate the deforestation of high value and endangered species of trees. It does this by only selecting forestry initiatives which not just ethical and sustainable, but also counteract the progress of deforestation.

This fund is a socially responsible and sustainable foresty investment, which is considered as a near perfect asset class, especially in this uncertain economic climate. This is because it invests in real assets, such as forestry and its byproducts, offering investors an excellent portfolio diversification opportunity.

When comparing this fund with traditional timberland funds, the clear difference is that it doesn't require the need to employee traditional forms of liquidity, such as futures, since the Aquailaria Tree produces high yield extracts such as Agarwood. Returns range from 11-25% for traditional and short-term rotation crops, where as the Aquailaria Tree and byproduct of Agarwood range from 25% - 55%.

Short-term Interplanted Alternatives (IPA's) will also be planter amongst the Aquailaria plantations. These will be high yielding crops, include Pepper, Cardamom, Capsicums and Chills and will provide the fund's liquidity, due to their short term growth to harvest cycles. Pepper for example, is harvest every 6 months.

Investment Financials

  • Target ROI - 15-18% p.a.
  • Returns based on historic growth rates of the Aquailaria tree (20-30% p.a.)
  • Fund offers 2 share classes, a Retail & Institutional Class, in both USD and GBP:-
    • Class A shared - min init. investment of £10,000/$15,000
    • Class B shares - min init. investment of £100,000/$150,000
  • Short-term Interplanted Alternatives integrated to further improve fund's liquidity
  • medium term investment - 2-3 years
  • Fund hedges against inflation
  • Natural assets = Not correlated against stocks, property or bonds
  • SIPP qualified.


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