Miscanthus Giganteus

Bio E-Grass

Miscanthus Giganteus is a large perennial grass that is very valuable for biomass energy production. It can be used to produce heat, electrical power or ethanol for cars.It is one of the fastest growing and highest-yielding biomass crops on the market today. This makes it exceptionally attractive as an investment opportunity.

As the world searches for less carbon-intensive methods of energy production, biomass has become an increasingly popular energy source. Of the available biomass crops Miscanthus Giganteus is valued for it's quick growth, low maintainance requirements, low moisture content and extremely high input to output energy ratio. For every one unit of energy expended in producing this the crop over 30 units of energy are obtained. This means that just 5km square of a Miscanthus crop can power 9,000 homes for 1 year. Additionally, as the grass is not a food crop its use for energy does not contribute to rising food costs around the world.

This perennial plant requires planting only once and will produce an annual crop for 15-20 years starting from year 2. It is predicted that demand for biomass will increase as much as 100% over the next 15 years as more biomass plants come on-line, oil prices rise and government policies encourage the production of less carbon-intensive energy sources.

Therefore we are happy to offer the Bio E-Grass investment program in the Gambia. This 5-year investment offers great returns, low minimum investment, and the opportunity to sell your plot on for a profit or to extend the investment up to 15 years for even higher returns.

Investment Financials

  • Minimum Investment: USD $3,450 for 1 Hectare
  • 5-year expected returns of $5,689 or 160% plus the value of selling the plot for total returns of up to $10,993 or 319%
  • 15-year expected returns of $23,369 or 577%
  • Fully-managed by one of the most experienced operators in the African agricultural and biofuels sectors.
  • SIPP Approved.

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