Millettia Pinnata Tree

The Millettia Pinnata tree has many ecological benefits and is extremely resilient to adverse weather conditions. It can grow on non-arable land since when fully grown, has 10 meter roots, which tap deep into normally unreachable nutrients. This also creates a very large carbon sink which sequestrates more than 50 tones of CO2 per hectare, a year, thus qualifying it for use with carbon credits. Oil yield is double that from Jatropha and Palm trees and continues to grow for 15 years after planting. It can live for up to 100 years and produce oil seeds for 60 years.

We are pleased to offer Australian Agricultural Projects in Cairns, North Queensland. Investors can buy leasehold plots of land of the following sizes: quarter, half and one hectares.

Each plot produces the following locally sold products:

  • Green Oil - Used to produce sustainable clean electricity
  • Animal Feed
  • Bio-Fertilizer
  • Honey
  • Carbon Credits


Investment Financials

Option One - 5 year project

  • A lease term for 5 years to biofuel farming company
  • Minimum investment of £10,000 for 463 trees at £21.60/tree
  • Defined exit strategy
  • Fixed 80% return after 5 years, including 100% of initial capital
  • SIPP qualified.


Option Two - 10 year project

  • A lease term for 10 years to biofuel farming company
  • Plots come pre-planted with trees
  • A quarter hectare is priced at £8,000, a half hectare £16,000 and a full hectare £32,000. Plots are available in multiples of these sizes
  • Rental income paid annually as follows: 4% in year 1; 8% in year 2; 12% in year 3, 17% in years 4-10
  • Defined exit strategy - 100% of initial investment will be repaid at end of 10 years
  • SIPP qualified.

In addition to the byproducts already being produced from this tree, there are currently trials for technology which can convert the seedcakes and prunings into valuable Bio Cellulose and a Bio Herbicide. Once in production, this would bring even greater returns from this investment.


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