About Ethical Investment Group

After being in the Investment Industry for 25 years and having experienced the Stock Market Crash in October 1987, the Major Stock Market Corrections of the early, mid 90's and the Tech Bubble Bust of 2000/1 I thought 'there must be a more stable and sustainable way of investing my clients hard earned money and making good quality, above average returns for them'.
In 2007, after a lot of research, I found a Managed Forestry Investment which seemed to fit the criteria perfectly. Capital Secure, because you actually 'owned' the commodity. The investment offered 14% plus returns on capital and 'No' correlation to equities or the stock market. A 'Risk Adverse Investment' with better than average returns.
One always asks, how has this or that investment performed in a market correction?. In 2007 this investment returned 14% to 18% depending on amount invested. In 2008/ 09 when the Stock Market and the Financial System went into Meltdown, this investment returned between 18% and 24%. In 2010 when the first harvest was completed, the returns to those initial investors were two and a half times their initial investment, i.e. a return of approximately 250% in 6/7 years.
Ethical Investment Group exist to offer a solution to clients ever changing investment demands and to give them the ability to Grow their Investments in an 'Ethical, Environmentally Positive and Echo Friendly' way and have 'No' correlation to equities or the stock market.
Also to invest in a Sustainable way which has a 'Positive' impact on the local communities, where they are involved in production and maintenance of the investments.